Evaluating The Role Of Cloud-Based Network For Your Business
Nov 30,2016

Do you know most successful and high-tech companies these days insist on having their own network that can work as a robust platform for business interaction between staff and customers?  Well, thanks to the ease of customizing network behavior, consistent connectivity performance, and greater scope to derive customer insights, most sophisticated businesses today prefer cloud-based network.

Except a few and almost negligible downsides, the advantages of the cloud-based network are huge. To evaluate the role of cloud network in workplace atmosphere we must know a few basic things first.

How cloud-based network actually work?

How cloud-based network actually work

A cloud network basically depends upon software as a service (SaaS) model to ensure optimum ease of accessibility, the simplicity of behavior control and for leveraging device level analytics for devices used across several locations. Besides using SaaS a cloud-based network can also use software oriented physical security for critical on-premise network requirements. This two-way model comprising both managed software service and on-premise networking software make cloud network stronger and better equipped to deal with diverse business requirements.

How the latest wireless LANs helped the emergence of cloud network?

The emergence of cloud network has gained a boost from advanced wireless LANs that evolved in the past few years. Several advancements in LAN technology are helping to boost the wireless performance making the promise for the high-speed network a reality. This is why the wireless network of today are more suited to cloud network services. Thanks to this advancement in LAN technology and emergence of SaaS model, the cloud-based network could become a reality. Actually, cloud network has become possible through the combination of SaaS model and advanced wireless LAN.

The Benefits Of Cloud-Based Network

Benefits Of Cloud-Based Network

The best thing about cloud network is the simplicity of its deployment in a business focused IT infrastructure. Besides, it allows greater control over various network devices including the wireless APs and switches. Moreover, with far enhanced control and manageability it ensures greater operational savings.

When the management platform and the entire control mechanism reside in the cloud, the whole infrastructure cost comprising the network devices and tools are saved. Besides, the manpower cost and the entire maintenance cost for the same can be saved. Most important of all, cloud-based network infrastructure allows automation for a bevy of actions and this to a great extent eliminates the human error factor.

There are several noteworthy user benefits of cloud network in a business premise. First of all, it offers unmatched ease of deployment, usability, and control. Secondly, organizations operating across dispersed locations over the planet find it useful. Thirdly, cloud networks are known for their elasticity and optimum scalability to address evolving network requirements in a business environment.

A cloud-based network can offer a huge advantage in keeping the IT infrastructure cost low. It also offers a crisp and lightweight solution for business workplaces since you can completely avoid on-premise network infrastructure.  At a time when workplace integration of mobile devices is subject to huge security concern, a centrally managed cloud network with advanced analytics tools can be a great solution to take care of security breaches and emerging threats. From network scalability to adaptability with the business requirements of network behavior to huge cost savings to robust performance and security benefits, cloud-based networks are equipped for modern businesses in every possible way.




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