How Blockchain Technology Can Ensure Better Security For IOT?
Jan 26,2017

securing-internet-of-things-iot-with-blockchainThe web has recently received a new shock attack from the malwares. Largely dubbed as the never before threat, the new malwares affected DVR and IP cameras and the security threats were quick enough to affect a lot of social and web platforms including the giants like  The New York Times, Twitter, Reddit, PayPal and several other major websites. Besides attacking numerous websites the new malware threats also affected several Internet of Things (IoT) including webcams, routers, digital video recorders and connected security cameras.

  • Security Vulnerability And Blockchain

As per the security analysts with the proliferation of IOT devices and connected platforms, such threats are not unusual and in the time to come we can see many such incidents. But the evolving threat unveiled the need to take a firm position in respect of security threats.

The vulnerability of IoT is not only evident with the recent incident in October, but such threats are continuing to increase with the rapid proliferation of smart home and connected environment gadgets and interfaces. The hacking of connected gadgets is becoming commonplace these days.

How this rising threat to IOT data can be addressed and how any such future attack against IoT can be prevented? Well, while the answer is still not ready few latest technologies emerged as a valid answer to this threat. Blockchain technology is one such solution that is capable to offer security and privacy to device sensors and devices data. Any malware breaking the firewalls can tamper the defence mechanism from inside and Blockchain technology is just equipped to prevent that.

  • Blockchain For Various Sectors


Although Blockchain technology as of now had only played effective role within the financial sector,  mother industries and environments soon can benefit from this technology in the near future.

Among the probable beneficiaries of Blockchain technology healthcare tops the list. The data management is crucial for healthcare sector to ensure quality of care and timeliness. Blockchain can offer benefits of data interoperability across healthcare establishments by making use of the features relating to privacy and trust. The healthcare sector can particularly be benefitted as electronic health record systems are rapidly being adopted by the sector. The only challenge in respect if widespread adoption of Blockchain technology in healthcare sector is the need of processing power that requires highly specialised systems comprising hardware and software.

There can be numerous examples of such adoption. Some startups quite convincingly adopted the technology to the benefit of their operation. Some innovations are happening to make further advancements in the adoption of the technology. Recently a startup in US came up with a long-range wireless network device that can integrate several device sensors to offer smart outdoor solutions like testing soil quality, looking after irrigation, controlling outdoor lighting and vending machines, etc.

  • The Challenges To Blockchain

Does Blockchain comes without any risk? No, it has its risks as well. While deploying Blockchain in managing IOT network of devices and transactions it can be subject to risk of data loss or mishandling of data simply because of an overwhelming volume.

Another big hurdle for deploying Blickchain is the storage. Just because there is no need of any central server to store data of transactions and device specific IDs, the huge data can cause storage problem.


Khushboo Jobanputra
Khushboo Jobanputra
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