Wearable Tech To Empower A Deeper Connection To Self
Dec 22,2016

While new and emerging technologies are continuing to transform life and living beings on the planet earth we often forget the deeper implications of this in relation to our self. Have the new technologies like wearable have penetrated deeper into our self and initiated a different approach to self understanding? We are still not sure and that is the precise reason why we are venturing to enquire the subject here.

What wearable traditionally meant for users? Well, it was the drive to self quantification that helped the proliferation of wearable. The rapid growth and popularity of fitness trackers is a clear example of this mindset. Wearable devices are increasingly becoming adopted for gaining insights about one’s own health metrics, habits and overall psycho-physical conditions. This focus on personal data from the users helped proliferation of new technologies that can address these demands.

Wearable devices have also gained big and positive push from the advancements made in sensors and device data analytics. While advanced sensors are helping the apps to generate deeper and richer set of information, the analytics is also helping users to gain deeper insights through the captured data. This combination of advanced sensor capabilities and analytics ultimately gave birth to lethal and most penetrating solution through wearable technologies.

As per a Gartner report on wearable released earlier this year the wearable market capitalisation is supposed to reach $17.5 billion by 2019. As we can already envisage and experience wearable technology is going beyond smartwatches and fitness bands and is all set to penetrate deeper into smart home gadgets and devices. If it is still in nascent state of development featuring small devices with limited capabilities, there is promise and achieved sophistication that can soon make us see wearable in a new light.

In multiple ways wearable is going to offer bigger scope for processing crucial personal data on a secure way and make them available at times of our need. Smartwatches are already capable to process biometric data for secure transactions and paving the way for better device level authentication. Such sophistication in relating our personal information into useful apps has been paved by wearable that by virtue of being constantly connected will make such apps more useful and put them for contextual use. At a time when most digital apps are keen on enhancing the user experience through addressing user contexts, wearable is likely to play a lead role.

As the present state of tech landscape stands, integration of different technologies play the key role. It is more about seamless integration and communication among devices and platforms that will pave the way for more sophisticated gadgets and ease of digital interactions for users. As the sensors are getting more sophisticated no longer the constraints concerning device size is there. This paved the way for integrating wearable technology into various wearable formats including the garments, luggage, headgears and shoes. The evolution will continue and we have already got too many of them like the smart shoes, smart fabrics, smart luggage, etc. It is to see how these technologies evolve to allow better interactions and user engagement in the coming years. Wearable in collaboration with smart home environment and connected platforms will further give boost to our approach towards our self quantification.

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