Everything You Ought To Know About ‘Internet Of Everything’
Dec 27,2016


The buzz around “Internet of things” (IoT) is continuing to become louder. It is becoming a commonplace subject of discussion in public life. In the recent time we have seen an outpouring of smart home connected gadgets that can literally revolutionise our living with ease and suppleness.  From the Bluetooth enabled connected speakers to the voice controlled sound systems to the use of digital assistant apps for smart home devices, IOT is continuing to add value to our life. Just look at the majority of Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that are basically connected smart home or smart workplace devices. So, the Internet of Things represents a reality that no one can take lightly. It is actually redefining the reality itself in more ways than one.

  • The Enormous Impact On Life


Internet of Things had already made its impact felt on how we live and work. While it all began with the better connectivity solutions to allow interactions among multiple devices and gadgets, over time  more sophisticated platforms emerged to make room for smart interactions and device automation.

For instance, now automation with a smartphone app coupled up with sensors placed across your house can automatically do a number of things without your intervention. Just after getting up from the bed with the preset alarm, the mobile app will send command to the Wi-Fi connected kettle to prepare hot water for brewing tea. Similarly, as soon as you have finished taking bath and pushed aside the bathroom door, the connected sensor there will send the information to the connected app which in turn will send message to the cab service to send a cab while you get ready to leave.

Although many of these technologies have just started arriving, still they are at nascent state and didn’t become widespread. But as connectivity is improving and becoming more available as well as cheaper, IOT and connected reality will push the boundary of reality further in the upcoming months.

  • Device Sensors And Internet


Internet is no longer considered something lavish. Rather it has become a commonplace thing and part of everyday reality in most parts of the world. Moreover, the connectivity standard experienced a massive quality upheaval in the recent years. While modern broadband took years to accomplish to reach its connectivity standard, in just couple of years we succeeded 2g to 3G to latest 4g network.

The same kind of outpouring growth and development can be experienced in respect of device sensors as well. What was only GPS just a few years before now became enriched with such a diversity of location sensors including Beacons, Geofencing, etc. You have a whole array of powerful and highly precision driven device sensors that made connecting devices easier than ever before.

So, the improved connectivity and device sensors is paving the way for a better connected reality encompassing more devices and usable interfaces. The connected reality of device ecosystem is already being subject of emerging IOT platforms that will help addressing the emerging user needs in a more effective manner. With so much promises ahead, Internet of Things soon can transform itself into Internet of Everything.

Khushboo Jobanputra
Khushboo Jobanputra
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